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Welcome to the website of Forex Invest Group LLC (OÜ)!

We not only hope but also confident that you will find a lot of useful information and services on our site. Which in turn will bring you profit in trading on the worldwide currency market Forex.


What we can offer on our site:

When you first visit our site you will see news section feeds from our company, our partners, economic news, analysis and forecasts, currency rates and a economic events calendar. All this, is conveniently divided into sections which you can read individually or in the general stream. Also in the section "On-Line Info" there is a links available for viewing real-time business channel «Bloomberg TV», and listen to «Bloomberg RadioLive» for economic news and good music.

«Investor» Section

We give you the opportunity to obtain significant profits through trust management and PAMM accounts, investing in the currency market Forex. Your choice of several options for investing and trust management of your funds with an annual profit from 100% to 450%, which is ten times higher than the interest rates of bank deposits.

«Trader» Section

 In this section of the website, we offer both beginner and professional traders alot of useful information and recommendation on Forex trading. We share our experience. All interested traders are welcomed to discuss trading issues.

«Soft4Forex» Shop

Work on the Forex market has become so complex that it became impossible to trade without the help of trading robots. Our automated trading systems (advisors / experts), really makes it easier to trade on Forex. With the help of our trading systems, you'll spend less time and effort on trading and trading efficiency will increase significantly.

We offer a wide range of automated and semi automated trading systems and strategies. From the systems we offer, you can choose the right ratio for you of risk and return parameters, as well as the currency pairs that you most prefer to work with.

«Forex Signals» Section

Many of our customers have repeatedly asked us about the possibility of orders copying executed inside our company. Now this service, since the second half of 2011 is available to all. You can choose any of our trading system and copy the signals without delays in your trading terminal.

«Spread Return» Section

Now our customers can benefit from spread return system which is gaining popularity among traders. Visit the "return spread" and check out our offer. You can earn extra income no matter what result your trades was closed profitable or unprofitable.

«Brokers» Section

Today, there are more than 250 brokers avalible for electronic trading services on Forex market. We decided to facilitate your routine procedure for choosing a good broker. We have chosen the best, check the conditions and quality of service on real accounts with our trading systems. We or our customers today are trading on real accounts for most of the brokers offered in our list.

«Forex Book» Forum 

When trading in the Forex market there are many questions and suggestions from both investors and traders and just starters who not yet decided of who to become a trader or investor. For all who want to communicate on all topics related to the Forex, we have created a Forex forum. We will be glad to see you in the ranks of registered users of the  "Forex Book" forum


Welcome to Forex Invest Group LLC (OÜ) website!

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